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The cake was simple yet dazzling.



“This is a day you share your love with the people you love. In and of itself, a spectacular celebration. We’re honored to be there for you.”

Our idea of the perfect wedding? Putting fun into the days, weeks and months of planning. Making your anticipation a pure joy. Helping you to arrive at choices you feel right about. And relaxed about.

Mitchell’s is known for making all of this customary and along the way, help you to realize the day of your dreams. Weddings have been quite literally, the heart of our business for 30 years.

One huge advantage of working with us is that all of our combined experience (and learning about what works, and what does not) can make your day as happy, momentous and care free as it should be. We thoroughly enjoy meeting new brides and grooms, getting to know them, how they met, gauging their likes and dislikes, favorite dishes and where they plan to honeymoon.  We find this enlightening, as it allows us to design a wedding that is customized to their personalities.

From your initial inquiry to the moment the last guest departs, we will be there to manage every detail, filling the occasion with your favorite things, people, food, music and ambiance.

Mitchell’s has received accolades from brides and grooms, parents and guests, as well as wedding consultants and various Triangle & Southeastern media.

The Lovely Details
We’ve learned that brides need more than a menu or picture book (or an ungainly stack of bridal magazines); they need guidance in subjects as far ranging as etiquette, logistics and fostering good relations with in-laws.

As with every big moment, many decisions will come naturally and some will seem more stressful. At first. Selecting Mitchell’s is one choice you will immediately appreciate. Our Wedding Coordinators will work with you to bring your dreams to light beautifully. They’ll guide you through custom designing your menus, suggesting linens, flowers, and décor, arranging music and entertainment, tenting, service ware and estimating your expenses.

And of course, a Mitchell’s representative will be right there on the day of, to coordinate your flawless and happy celebration.

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