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While they wanted their wedding reception to be elegant, they insisted it be unpretentious and fun.

The beauty is, these days weddings lend themselves to many styles and even eclectic interpretations of those styles. That’s what makes the day all the more personal and one of a kind. Those are the weddings people remember most. Enter, your Wedding Coordinator to help you navigate.

So what appeals to you? Sophisticated simplicity? Tradition and elegance? Bright and youthful tones? A sleek contemporary feel? Perhaps Southern comfort? We bring your singular way of looking at the world to life.

True enough, Classic & Traditional wedding styles and formats will always be in vogue, but you have options. (You are the bride, of course.) Casual celebrations create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere when mixed with elegant overtones and comfort-style menus.

Intimate receptions can embrace a cozy, mingling ambiance as its focus is on favorite food and drink, served family-style.

Think about the meaning of a Personalized-styled event. Play with favorite colors, designs, symbols, vacation spots, pastimes, pets, your way of entertaining. Imagine cuisine and libations that mirrors your inimitable character. How would monograms or family crests, symbols and handed-down recipes, brand this celebration uniquely to you?

Cultural celebrations honor the heritage and traditions of the two families’ union. Styles, symbols, and rituals can be richly expressed with color, fabrics, floral, tableware, ambiance, food, drink, music and dance. After all, you’re starting your own legacy.

Styled receptions reflect fashion’s influence on food and beverages. Foodscapes can play a dual role: as both event design and décor. Wait staff can become part of the flair, attired in matching colors, varied styles or themed adaptations. Stirring the latest martini concoction or shaking a mixology inspired cocktail, bartenders are not just servers but conversation starters. A tiered wine and champagne bar? Always elegant.

Beyond the reception a Never-Ending Wedding Weekend can offer a late night party with more food and service to lavish upon your guests. What about midnight snacks, cappuccino and desserts or a ‘laid-back and low lounge’ venue with over-stuffed furniture and pillows? The possibility of an after hours ‘diner style’ breakfast?

Either before or after the wedding, we’d be happy to plan picnic or cookout-style breakfasts and brunches, geared exclusively for the wedding party and/or close family. Pre-planned Sunday brunches are always greatly anticipated. (And appreciated.)

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